Business writing as a type of professional communication

Our website has a main goal to explain to all the users the main aspects of business writing. We are not going to teach you how to write global education law essays uk, we just provide you with tons of valuable up-to-date information concerning corporate writing. All our articles are written by language specialists. Therefore, these recommendations are trustworthy. With the help of this website you will improve your business or report writing skills.


Your prospective or present business partners will make a first impression on you by your style of corporate writing. And who want to have an air of shady business partner at the very beginning of working relationships? This is the reason why you should be very attentive in the process of business writing and communication.

Let us introduce to you 2 main rules of such style of writing.

Firstly, remember clearly that the prime objective of writing business letter is to provide your partner with the highest level of accuracy. In your work you should stay off using any double-barreled words and phrases. Try to shorten the number of complex sentences in your text.


Secondly, while business letter writing it is important to keep in mind that the usage of active voice is more preferable than passive. Many language specialists reposed that passive constructions are too big to comprehend rapidly and clearly.

We see our project like a database of standards and rules of business communication writing. Our team is always looking for actual information from community of entrepreneurs to improve the quality of content. We also monitor all the changes in modern English language.

The structure of our website will be divided into several sections. Each of them is made to contain tips which will describe how to do one or another type of business writing (e.g. letters, reports and other documents).

Stay tuned!